What happened to NeuralNW.com?

Starting Thursday, February 3 we began having trouble with the main drive in the neuralnw.com server box. It's now completely toast, and guess what, our most recent backup is several months old! But not to worry, all of our photographs will be restored from various other locations (but possibly with a different organization).

Email is now working, and you should be able to contact us at the usual addresses.

Update 2/9/2005: Gallery is reinstalled (latest version!) and we're getting ready to upload our pictures. Watch this space!

Update 2/12/2005: We've restored our gallery images from the last available backup. That backup is nearly 10 months old, unfortunately, but we do still have ALL the pictures that used to be on the site -- it'll just take us a while to reorganize and upload them. For now, please enjoy what is available at our gallery. One thing you may notice is that the high-resolution versions of the images are no longer available. Our new hosting provider doesn't supply enough space to let us post the huge images. If you really, really want a high-res copy of one of our images, email us at gallery@neuralnw.com and maybe we'll work something out.

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